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9 Emotional Triggers To Help Kick Your Content Into Higher Gear

by Bilal Warsi

Digital marketing and brand strategist, information junkie with a penchant for quick wit. I'm a basketball fan and a loyal friend.

How often have you opened a page just to skip it after the first few lines?

Even if the subject behind it is powerful and the reasoning is on point, you lose interest early on.

What's missing is emotion.

People make decisions based on how they feel. Sometimes even without realizing it. Even more so when they consider buying something.

If you're not happy with the content you create and your audience isn’t responding well, try putting an emotional spin on your work.

Positive audience interactions improve conversions and contribute to customer loyalty.

Integrating emotion in your marketing strategy will definitely transform your content. It will also help increase customer engagement. This is where magic happens.

Below you’ll find nine emotional triggers you can use today to create sharper content than ever before.

Everyone loves a good story

Do you want people to pay attention? Give them a captivating story.

This is a great way to attract your audience's attention. Storytelling makes people care about your message.

They will want to know what happens to the characters and likely finish the article.

Stories will make your brand relatable and likable.

For example, you can tell your target audience how the company dealt with its early problems or the story of the founder. Try telling them what the company logo stands for.

You can also use the interaction with your customers as a great topic. Put themselves in your shoes. Make a case study about someone who loves your brand and what it means to them.

Take advantage of the fear of missing out

People love offers, limited sales and special promotions.

Sometimes they fear missing out on these opportunities.

You can leverage this feeling of necessity and make them act on the spot.

Offer a special product in a limited timeframe and make this the subject of your content piece.

When was the last time you bought something using a special promotional code available only for a couple of days?

You can also show your customers you care about them.

Offer added benefits if they sign-up or if they give you their email address. It incentivizes people that are afraid of missing out on information to act.

Show them that they’re special

The need to feel unique is what drives a lot of buying decisions.

Everybody has a certain way of thinking about themselves. It’s called a self-image. If you provide the answer in the content, your interactions will grow.

Purchasing decisions describe the customer in a unique way. Most people want to be seen as powerful or intelligent. You can take advantage of that.

Pinpoint the core values of your product and create an empowering image. This will speak directly to your customers and differentiate you from your competitors.

To make this work, portray your audience’s desirable characteristics within your advertising.

Make sure you rely heavily on the research. Not all traits you envision will provide the same positive responses.

Make people feel they are a part of something bigger

Make your content appeal to groups or communities with common interests. People need to feel respected and accepted, so leverage this in your content.

Present your product as a way of life and put a deeper meaning behind it.

It's a great way to make your customers feel special and unique.

Take a look at Tesla.

Tesla is a company that challenges the status quo of using fossil fuels.

Instead, they identify their audience as folks who respect the ecosystem, sexy products and reusable energy.

The Tesla story is probably not applicable to your business.

However, if you design your content as a distinct identifiable brand, you’ll win. You will create a feeling of attachment to your core idea, that will turn them into potential fans.

Increase engagement by using mystery

A lot of articles start with questions.

This creates a subconscious need for the reader to find out the answer.

Why does it work?

It generates interest. The reader wants to figure out the context. Most importantly it creates a better dynamic flow which drives the audience to seek answers.

Exceed their expectations

Everybody wants to achieve their goals. But no one said it is easy. In fact, it’s one of things people stress the most about.

Help your audience succeed in whatever it is they want.

This way you associate your brand with the positive feelings that arise from completing that task.

Always make sure you research the information you offer. Give them what they want. After all, it's what drives your audience to seek interaction.

Be entertaining

Don't put too complex information in your content.

Your readers will get bored.

Try to be funny when designing your content. You can do this by using it as a relaxing break in the process of saying what you have to say.

Use a fun example to show your customers your brand doesn't talk down on them.

However, make sure to use humour in the right amount.

It shouldn't be the defining trait of your brand if it's not in the core values.

The element of surprise

How can you add some dynamic flow to your content?

Add a couple of surprising phrases.

Reveal the opposite of what most customers think of your brand or add interesting statistics.

Your content will be remembered easier when you surprise your audience, not when you have the same spin on the information as your competition.

Use pop culture references

Improve your audience's response by using pop culture references

By doing so, you add relevancy. People are attracted by similarities. This way you make it easier for them to remember you.

Also, it is more likely that your content will be shared if people find famous actors or events in your campaigns.

Things to remember

Using emotion is pivotal to driving a positive response from your audience.

Captivate people by telling them a story.

Make them feel unique and surprise them, but don't forget that you can also let them know about the special limited offers.

This is how you will provoke a more direct feeling of necessity.

Next time you decide to get your hands on a good content piece, blend these emotional triggers in your work. Notice how they react to each technique and tailor your own effective strategy.