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Pepperweb is a digital agency in Dubai. Here, the best global team of designers, digital architects, thought leaders, and strategists pushing the boundaries of digital interaction. We, as a creative agency, believe in reducing friction, connecting people, and providing delightful, rewarding experiences for our clients.

We believe design choices must be informed by function, not just aesthetics We don’t just build products, we build relationships as a full service agency.

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Meet the People Behind Pepperweb

Who we are

Karim Hachani


Former fastfood waiter, now breaking the internet, a bit too futuristic, harsh critic on risotto and coconut water.

475 volleybal spikes in 2014,
1450sitemaps created and counting …
8 seed investments confirmed in 2014,
220 mobile apps created

Nisreen Faris

Head of Accounts

I’m the illegitimate love-child of Client Servicing and Client Acquisitions. Now neither parent admits to having me…

1000 baskets scored in 2014,
75 network events attended in 2014,
300 different pairs of shoes,
48 manicures in 1 year

Ivan Kuc

Head of Creative

Design specialist who hasn't met a problem he did not enjoy solving. Aficionado of fast cars, drawing the old fashioned way and travelling to new destinations.

96 movies watched,
43 logos approved,
9 different types of pizza omnommed,
215 nba2k matches played on ps3

Ali Rizwan

Head of Technology

Zombie buff. Food junkie. Travel fanatic. Introvert. Avid technology expert. Infuriatingly humble internet ninja. Tv fan.

1153 hours of playing on Xbox,
2400 hours of Project Management,
1 birthday celebrated,
325 GTA maps created

Nadia Qaisar

Head of Strategy

Reader, wanderer, caffeine junkie. Conscientious planetary citizen, in various states of contemplation. Avid enthusiast of all (non-human) creatures.

3000 repins and 301 social posts,
27 flights taken,
260 episodes watched,
365 times of feeling gratitude for caffeine

Murtaza Mandviwala

Head of Online Advertising

In a love-hate relationship with everything organic - hate food, love traffic. Digital Marketer. Fundamental Freethinker.

5000 interweb tweets unleashed,
17 science fiction books read,
2.5M visits driven to websites,
7000 hours of music streamed

Faly Manirisoa

Head of Development

<style>.nojsv{visibility:visible}</style> Other than that, I am really breaking the Developer stereotype, I dance better than Travolta

438 games of Babindgotn won,
456 hours stuck in traffic in 2014,
450 cricket strokes in 2014,
75 cricket strokes in 2014,

Jane Velasquez

Head of Support

Sci-fi geek and passive observer. An outdoorsy introvert who likes to chat online. Loves to participate in battle of the bands.

785 live chat requests accepted,
25 'Battle of the Bands' competitions
34 pies baked in 7 flavours,
120 hours of hula hooping

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